One evening a boy named Varun requested his elder brother to allow him to play cricket with kids in the park. Very lovingly he accepted Varun’s request and took him to the nearest park.

Ten minutes passed, Varun came back to his brother and insisted on playing football instead of cricket. On getting a nod of yes he went happily and started playing football.

Fifteen minutes passed, he again came back to his brother and this time insisted to play badminton. One more time his brother with lots of love accepted his request.

This repeated many times till it was dark and all children went to their homes. Varun came to his brother and started complaining that he did not enjoy any game.

My dear friends, most of us are also like Varun. One day we want to be an engineer and next day a businessman. At the time of world cup half of the youth wants to be a cricketer and during Olympics most of them run toward different games without knowing what they really want to do in their life. And after completing their studies in mid-twenties they land up joining a job that does not excite them to work.

This is what a fickle mind is doing to most of us. We deeply want to be successful but most of the times we land up living a life full of compromises.

My dear friends, it is the time to ask yourself what is that one thing that you always wanted to do?


Work, think, do whatever it takes to have the answer to this question.
And once you have the answer to it, your life will never be same again.

Always remember – “You have only one life and one chance to fulfill all your dreams. Once it is gone, it is gone forever.