This was the time when the second World war was about to begin. That era when all the countries were ready to fight and to destroy the others just for ‘freedom’ just to be the no. 1 without thinking about the people of the country. In the race of being on the top when every thing was forgotten. There was a little girl name Sharin. She was innocent beautiful girl who was fighting her own battle for freedom. Yes a girl who just wanted to be free from the people who all were around her.

She was only 7 when her father locked her in a room where no one could see her. That room was empty and some books and diaries were there and only a small garden attached with the room with high walls. She was still happy because she could see the sky. For her the sky was the sign of Freedom. Most of her time she used to spend in the garden by seeing the sky and the free birds. She used to get happy whenever any new bird used to come and sit in her space. She was so much filled with love that even the birds could sense. She used to welcome them in such a way that they started coming everyday to see her. A beautiful relationship was started.

It was her 16th birthday when she was sitting in garden and her mother came to see her and brought sweets to celebrate. The moment she saw her mother she shouted “mom it’s my birthday”. I want to make a wish that I wanna see what’s there on the other side of walls. It seems beautiful when I look up to the sky. I am sure it must be more beautiful outside. Please take me just for a day.

Her mother saw her and with the teary eyes replied . My dear I wish I could fulfill your this small wish but I can’t because your father doesn’t want this. She got afraid when she heard it. She then told her mother that mamma I know I am not as beautiful as my other siblings. I know I can’t even speak properly and not can even walk properly and I know that father doesn’t want anyone to see me because it’s against his pride. In all these years I have accepted all but now I want to experience freedom please help me. She looked at her mother with the hopeful eyes. Her mother couldn’t say anything but just smiled with teary eyes and went by saying I’ll see you soon. She knew that now this is the time to fulfill her dream and get out of those walls. One cold night she got the strength to ran away because now this was the time when it became so important for her to escape and to feel the freedom and she was free. The other day when her father came he didn’t see her and found a note behind and got shocked when read.

She wrote ‘ Dear father the whole life you imprisoned me for no reason. I didn’t say anything. You hardly came too see that was also fine. You even dint allow momy to see me much. I was fully in acceptance. But now as time passing and it felt like that you have taken away my freedom. I am sorry but I couldn’t accept that. I am going for forever and don’t know where I am going and never come back because your pride was more important and I believe that you are the one who needs to be free from this belief. I wish you freedom from all the false belief you have.

Take care..


Indu Chaudhary