The Constitution is very important for any country as it is made after great sacrifices and struggles to fulfill the aspirations of people. It is a basic framework and set of rules through which a nation is constituted and governed.

Keeping aspirations of people in mind and learning from the past experiences our great leaders created the Constitution of India which is one of its kind in the world. The whole country had great expectations that it will help them to live the life of their dreams and give them the rights that were denied under British rule.

But today, even after seventy years of independence people throughout the country are lacking in the basic amenities needed for their livelihood. Inhuman crimes are increasing every day in every part of the country and the things which were abolished by the constitution are still practiced at a great level.

Decades changed so our leaders but their promises are still the same i.e. to provide good roads, clean water, good health and education, 24*7 electricity, easy approach to government officials etc.

Corruption is at its peak and so are the crimes. The population is increasing but not the jobs. On one hand our godowns are filled with grains while on the other side people are dying due to hunger. Cities are developing  however the environment is getting worse.

I wonder is the constitution really serving the very purpose it was created for ?

Do we need to change our constitution?

To find out answers to all the questions that might be arising in your mind let’s take a look on the aspirations that were kept in mind by our constituent assembly.

# What are/were our aspirations?

  • Equal rights and opportunities for all,
  • Happiness,
  • Economic Development,
  • Safe, secure and clean environment,
  • Food, education and health facilities for all,
  • Nondiscrimination,
  • Religious freedom etc.

Almost each one of us wants all these things.

However the bigger question is- are we also taking actions to achieve these goals?

It might be a no for most of us.

A great percentage of Indian population is happy when they grow economically, are not discriminated, get good education and religious freedom but not when others get it.

We all want respect but don’t want to give it.

We want others to help us whenever we need but don’t want to help when others need.

We don’t want to be discriminated but discriminate others on the basis of their language, caste, religion, etc.

So are our actions matching our words?


Then how a plan or framework that is made in keeping the whole country’s interest in mind can work when we want everything only for ourselves, not for this nation.

We vote for the wrong persons even after knowing that they are corrupt just because they are close to us and can help us to get some personal benefits.

We want safe and secure environment but when the time comes to stand against the wrong we say it’s none of our business.

We all love to visit and live in a lush green environment but are too busy to nurture even one plant.

The problem is not in our constitution or how everything is designed.

The problem is with us, in our aspirations. We want to achieve our goals from the plan which is made to achieve something else.

In the race to earn money we forget what’s right and wrong for this country. We are only thinking about filling our own pockets, no matter at what cost it is happening.

If we really want to change something in this nation then it’s the high time to analyse our thoughts and actions and if not then we must stop complaining about anything which is creating unfavorable situations for us.

A country is made by its people and whatever is happening in this country or we are facing in our daily life we are totally responsible for it.

To make a change we have to START NOW.

Start from yourself, analyse in which direction you are taking yourself and this country.

You have the power to create whatever you want.