One of the most significant issues of this century is “Women Empowerment”. A lot of effort has been made by NGOs and Government in this direction. Every day social media, newspapers, news channels are flooded with the news of crimes against women. For some it is the matter of entertainment, for some it is the news of sadness and for others it is a suffering.

After any major incident a part of our society starts protesting, some starts discussion on it and some have an explanation of every incident in one line – “Is Desh Ka Kuch Nahi Ho Sakta”. There is nothing wrong in all these things. But,

Is It Making Any Difference?

Every coin has two sides.

Side A

Few days ago, I was sitting in a beautiful park during sunset. Suddenly, I noticed whenever a woman/girl crosses that area the eyes of every male present there starts staring at her.

I was really shocked and for the very first time I realized what women face in their everyday life. On the way back to my home, I found that it is not the situation of that park only but of every park, market, public transport, restaurants, cafes, etc.

No matter how much our Nation is growing, how strong our defense system is, at what rate our economy is growing or how many planets we are visiting every year – if the person who builds every individual, family, community and nation is harassed, raped, not allowed to go out of home, burnt for materialistic things, tortured and killed on the name of self-respect.

Side B

A recent study by a renowned institute found that men face more harassment in everyday life than women and no one focuses or talk about it.

There are many groups of women in every city who target men and blackmail them with fake cases, just because whatever a woman says in our society – police, government accepts it without any investigation. For them “A woman never lies”.

In past few years we saw many cases where men lost their identity, jobs, and respect due to these fake cases.

They do not suffer alone but their families suffer too.

My Opinion

Every coin has two sides and we should always observe both the sides before responding or reacting to any incident. Being a particular gender does not make anyone right.

Only giving responsibilities that normally belongs to men, reserving some seats in every field for women, protesting with candles and wasting our energy on the discussions which takes us nowhere will not stop this or empower them, when the root cause lies in the pattern and thinking process of our patriarchal society.

Strict actions against the guilty and reclamation in the thinking of our society is the need of time.

Our Educational Institutes, NGOs and Government can play a vital role by introducing different psychological workshops which would help people to see things differently, introducing impactful laws for proper investigation and punishment, fair trials in a minimum time and a proper cross check for all these programs or policies which can ensure proper implementation and justice to the petitioner.

A country is made by its citizens and the one person that can make a difference right now is YOU.

Change always begins from Us ———> ACT NOW.

Have you taken any step in this direction to make a difference ?